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This is the Comments Policy for any communications to and from Mike Greatbanks Art and those involved in any discussions.

All comments are welcomed and encouraged on this website, but these will need to be approved.

Below are points to follow when making comments. Any remarks which do not keep to these, or with the general spirit of the policy, will be blocked/deleted. If you continue to make such remarks, it will stop you from being involved in any future involvement in discussions.

If you find a comment, which you feel goes against these guidelines, please inform me so that it can be investigated.


Please be polite and courteous in comments and language used - don't be rude or aggressive to people.

  • Be tolerant - in order to encourage opinions, debate and discussion.
  • Make sure comments and any links, if used, are relevant to the topic post.
  • Any comments which involve(s) (but not exclusive to):
    • abusive
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    • misleading or libellous language
    • trolling
    • spam
    • self promotion

      will be deleted.

If you need any further information, please Contact Me.