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  1.  sunsets, water, dramatic skies

    'Sunset Over Crosby Beach'; 'Looking Up The River'; & 'View Of South Cumbrian Landscape'

    In my landscapes, I love painting water, dramatic clouds & sunsets. When a painting contains a combination of these, it makes me very excited!

    From the variation of colours to the shapes of the clouds & ripples, these all mesmerise me & act as a magnet drawing me in to paint these wonderful landscapes.

    Water, Dramatic Skies or Sunsets - which do you like the most?


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  2. ferry on the mersey

    Wandering along the banks of the River Mersey, it's amazing how much a diverse range of scenery there is. From Maritime and industrial architecture, green spaces, to coastal beaches towards Liverpool Bay. Sailing on the River Mersey is one way to see these.

    Onboard one of the ferries is always a pleasurable experience:

    The views of the buildings on both sides of the river; watching other vessels sailing along the river, from yachts to cargo container ships and cruise ships.

    Listening to the call of the gulls; the noise of the engine; as well as hearing to the informational commentary over the tannoy for those onboard.

    Feeling the breeze (usually cold) whilst travelling along the river.

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  3. view of mouth of mersey









    View of The Mouth of The Mersey

    With the clouds glowing pink and the Liverpool historic waterfront buildings bathed in the last rays of sunlight of the early evening, I was amazed to see a flock of cormorants flying along the river.

     Whilst gazing at this scene of light and colour, the touch of the cool wind and sound of the waves lapping against the dock walls, all helped to produce an lovely memory.

     In my paintings in the 'VIEWS ALONG THE RIVER COLLECTION PART 1' , I've tried to capture my memories of these scenes to share with you.

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