About Me

I paint because I feel a natural need to do so.  The task of capturing a visual interpretation of what I see inspires me.  Painting helps to improve my feeling of wellbeing, which I try to convey through my work to those who view it.

The excitement of “the chase” of portraying a scene - the design, colour, values, harmony & atmosphere, makes me want to paint.

I paint using watercolour, oil or acrylic and within my work I try to capture the interaction of light, colour & atmosphere with the subject matter.  I use a combination of location sketches & photographs, as reference for my paintings.   I primarily paint urban scenes (including those which demonstrate Liverpool’s maritime history), landscapes & coastal views.

Mike Greatbanks, The Artist


I’ve painted a variety of subjects for commissions:  landmark buildings; landscapes; house portraits; pet portraits; portraits; business premises; and even wedding venues & honeymoon locations!

If you're interested in a commission, please  Contact Me.