About Me

I aim to capture the interaction of light, colour and atmosphere of the landscape of North-West England, in a contemporary, impressionistic manner. 

It's the task of capturing a visual interpretation of what I see - the excitement of “the chase” of portraying a scene - the design, colour, values, harmony & atmosphere - which inspires me to paint. 

I work in oil, watercolour & acrylic, painting mainly landscapes, including urban landscapes and buildings.  I paint using a combination of location sketches & photographs, as reference for my paintings.   

Painting helps me to improve my feeling of wellbeing, which I try to express to those who view my artwork.



Art Memberships

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A support & networking community created & developed by artist, Mary Gilkerson

Art In Liverpool

A hub of information for Liverpool's visual art scene. This is the link to my entry in the directory

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